What is TF?
   Transformation, the of transition from one form to another. a journey into that 'other' place. The release of the animal. A graphic, step by step depiction of the individual overcome by manic lusts an urges welling up from deep within its soul... yes now we're getting somewhere. Transformation doesn't have to have sex in it to make a good TF scene (more on that point later)  Though i do like to add some wherever i can.  It's all about the internal struggle. 
   It starts out in the 'normal', the here and now. The individual is at rest and self contained, going about its business, presenting a tempting target for the powers that be. No one is ever allowed to stay normal in stories... the happy people at the beginning of the movie should know its just a set up. Something is bound to happen.
   There are story lines and devices to be used, formulas and secret laboratories. Those are just excuses though. The change comes from inside. No matter how un-consensual the process. It's the body turning on the self, intensifying its physical presence, muscles swollen and flexing, fur, bristling, coming to the surface, anything 'more', anything that draws attention to itself. 'I'm not small and smooth and innocuous' it says 'I am here and now and i will be listened to'. 
   It's symbolic of course, taking something internal and forcing it to the surface. Always with the stress point, the conflict, in the eyes where the body and the self meet, especially in costume TF art, the internal self struggling against the visible outer layers, eyes pleading. 'This isn't me' they try to say 'These aren't really my teeth, i'm actually a very nice person'
  And so it continues, body and self struggling for control, equal forces locked together. there is a barrier here to be broken, the scene existing in that moment...stretching it out as it nears its breaking point. The body, the physical self will have its way in the end because it is 'what is', the self, the spark of consciousness is only along for the ride... and it knows it will give in, it needs release from this presure, a state of peace and exceptance (the big sweaty finish at the bottom of the page). 
  Stress, building pressure... release... yes there's that sex thing again. Taking TF as a graphic representation of something internal its sex on an almost clinical level, raw, self absorbed. 
   Perhaps i'm going to far here poking and prying..um... forget i said anything. I'm doing pr0n, thats all, big drooly overblown TF pr0n.



About the site...
  Goneallwild.com began back in 2003, the first of my 'singular' sites after breaking up mamabliss.com (now a sort of portal for my online activity). I had done a number of TF stories before then, the bit with the mousegirl was the first one i did for this site. I was also working with the idea of making it more of a 'strip', an ongoing narrative but thats tended to get in the way every time i've tried it.. 'story' tends to take up room that would be better spent doing TF scenes and shiny art, theres been an awfull lot of it posted here, the archives are getting close to a thousand pages with no end in site.
  Yes, its a subscription site, sort of, if you want to see it all you'll need to subscribe. New stuff gets posted up front though, page by page, where everybody can see it.
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