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Welcome to, where i post all my transformation work, usually on a daily basis before it goes into the archives

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UPDATE 12/21:Here’s Nicole in ‘nasty beast’ to kick off 40 days of transformation. I’ll be posting a mix of comics and sequences.. it may take 50-60 days to work thru all i have planned but you get the idea, things to be done.

UPDATE 12/22: DAY TWO[2] we start up the conclusion of ‘porno’.. is time to wrap that up!  

UPDATE 12/24: new stuff [nasty beast and porno will continue running] is on hold till i get my sign up page working ok, X-mass eve probably not the best time to be getting technical support. Has anyone else gotten a ‘cannot add user’ message from that ccbill form and how long has that been doing that? maximum eye squinties >>>_<<<<

UPDATE 12/24:PM:so yes, the subscription form for this site is giving error messages, unless you live in japan which is interesting. Will wait till monday to get tech support involved again, i have a feeling they aren’t at their best x-mass eve. in the meantime… new pages for ‘beast’ and ‘porno’..

UPDATE 12/25::DAY THREE[3] is ‘love is a 50 foot skunkette’ … the horsie girl one will be tomorrow or the next day…

UPDATE 1/1::DAY THREE[4] mikah in a bit of puppy-dog porn… horsie girl one taking a bit longer..

UPDATE 1/14::yes, bit of a bump in the road. hang on while i get the next batch lined up!

UPDATE 1/22::DAY FIVE[5] we return with ‘swimming with the faculty’ another Lucy ‘froggy girl’ story, Lucy has the hots for a certain member of the teaching faculty…

..the 10th page of Swimming with the Faculty…  
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