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UPDATE 12/21:Here’s Nicole in ‘nasty beast’ to kick off 40 days of transformation. I’ll be posting a mix of comics and sequences.. it may take 50-60 days to work thru all i have planned but you get the idea, things to be done.

UPDATE 12/22: DAY TWO[2] we start up the conclusion of ‘porno’.. is time to wrap that up! 40_days_page

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..and page two of sexy beast…

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35 thoughts on “LATEST UPDATES…

  1. Arg! Missed the first two. Oh well, looks like I got here just in time for the fun part. I’m really digging the plump tail there :3

  2. Hey mama. I just wanted to say you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to my sex life. Your male on male or unaware male transforms have made me smile again and again for years now. Notably “An American Werehorse”, “The Rookie”, “Special Delivery”, “Legend of the Werehorse” and especially “A Donkey Tail”. They are all truely masterpieces! Keep up the incredible work. (^_^)

  3. And if you’re ever short on ideas, it would be incredible to see two Aussie guys tricked into becoming kangaroos that cant stop fucking and turning other boys into kangaroos. It would explain why we have too many of them here, if that was going on all this time. haha. But please dont let my own naughty ideas influence you, you already have the mind of a true artist! Thanks again. (^_^)

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