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  1. .. am trying this out since things on individual pages tend to get lost, consider it an old style message board for the site. All comments, feedback, complaints and chit chat are welcome.

  2. i guess will be a lot of those on here. some people might question why i repost things on here since it defeats the purpose of a subscription site. If one doesn’t people on the net will tend to create other distribution systems, requesting and posting these on image boards and things when i would rather they see this as the primary source.. sooooo…


  3. Interesting the 40 days of transformation. I will love to see what’s waiting for the dude from ‘porno’.
    I missed the page three of Porno and the page four of Nasty Beast because Christmas. Could you upload them again?

  4. I did like the ponies getting barged in on. Would be fun to see their TFs before they start gettin’ busy. I saw those bottles, that wasn’t nothing… unless it was nothing.

    I don’t think it was nothing. :3

  5. Hey mamabliss, got story idea for wild transformation site comic wise.

    Only problem is involves soultype vore or spirit vore but, i thinking big game hunter or what not that killed quite share animals, is later haunted by said animals torment to no end.

    he causes specialist to deal problem as spirit drinker or something can consume spirits or channels them, every spirit she does she goes through slight changes or gains some traits for animals.

    Some more formdidble ones she has make let guard down by having sex but she shlumps and slurps them down to, she becomes sorta chimera of sorts, due no animals.

    Going through host of set changes either some canceled out by others, or she removes said traits, by taking crap where little ghost turds are all remain of spirits.

    Anyways once last are dispose of, she become quite sexy chimera girl, however story not over yet.

    Guy either runs afould of her or she overwhelmed by spirits instinct needs she rapes the dude, Gives birth to cute chimera type baby.

    She ditches on the guy in humrous fashion, which is combination of all remaining spirits she consumed.

    Keeping some traits for self.

    What ya think?

    • Really! I thought work nice idea, as this kinda stuff aint common, i willing to exclude some stuff maybe baby thing, as fact girl rape seems be good enough.

      I thought might make good addtion to transformatin thingy.

  6. I have question for cici, all people turned into frogs, how world does she keep them from not swallowing each other, or somebody after all frogs aren’t most pickest of eaters!.

  7. Love your work! Been a subscriber several times, and always follow your blog but I’m primarily interested in male transformations, do you have any more planned in the future?

  8. Just loving the horsegirl Tf, although I would prefer her to have remained more feminine, but beggars cannot be choosers.

  9. Great comic. Gotta love girls turning into male animals, especially of the equine kind :3
    Looking forward to the donkey one =)

  10. LIKE BUNNIES is great. Am hoping Circe shows up to collect two or three bunnies for her warren. I should comment more often. I am a big fan.

  11. I really loved like bunnies! It was too cute!

    Maybe it will have a sequel someday! Like the girls’ bunny farm could run into financial trouble and she needs more bunnies. So she uses the book to change a bunch of males, and invites some girl friends over for some fun! *without telling them* And in the end lots of bunnies! Even herself on accident. *laughs* After all.. it’s not really fair.. she didn’t get a turn! ^^

  12. On The Shed, page 6, panel 3, the line “Not you to!!” should likely read, “Not you too!!”
    Also, in panel 3 of the 10th (final) page of Latex Kitty, “Shush, you wanted me BIULT didn’t you? And the best part is…” should probably read BUILT instead.
    Glad to see you rollin’ out the transformations. Really enjoyed Horse Girl, and the Shed is shaping up to be a lot of fun. Nice-looking donks, too!

  13. I doubt she will earn much from a game like that unlike the good thing she had here.
    Guess she needed a break, still disturbing she didn’t even let anyone know what happened with her though.
    Hope she finished the commissions of everyone before she left.

  14. Remember when this was the gateway drug to a tf addiction? Sad that it just stopped and never came back but I think they took a ton of commission money from people and then never delivered. Oh well, here’s to another year of nothing new!

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