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  1. .. am trying this out since things on individual pages tend to get lost, consider it an old style message board for the site. All comments, feedback, complaints and chit chat are welcome.

  2. i guess will be a lot of those on here. some people might question why i repost things on here since it defeats the purpose of a subscription site. If one doesn’t people on the net will tend to create other distribution systems, requesting and posting these on image boards and things when i would rather they see this as the primary source.. sooooo…


  3. Interesting the 40 days of transformation. I will love to see what’s waiting for the dude from ‘porno’.
    I missed the page three of Porno and the page four of Nasty Beast because Christmas. Could you upload them again?

  4. I did like the ponies getting barged in on. Would be fun to see their TFs before they start gettin’ busy. I saw those bottles, that wasn’t nothing… unless it was nothing.

    I don’t think it was nothing. :3

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